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built as an imperial castle

The castle was probably built around 1200 as an imperial castle. The name was first mentioned in 1268 with a widow von Stoltzinecke. In 1284 Count Palatine Ludwig II acquired the castle. In 1291, King Albrecht I promised Ludwig that if he was re-elected, he would recognize his rights to Stolzeneck and Reichenstein, and that he would be enfeoffed with Burg Kammerstein and Dilsberg. The castle was probably damaged in 1504 in the Palatinate-Bavarian War of Succession, since Count Palatine Ludwig V. made an agreement with Philipp von Seldeneck in 1509 about the wood cut needed to rebuild the castle. After the barons of Frauenberg died out in 1610, the castle was returned to the Palatinate and was not reassigned. In a report from 1611, the entire complex is described as dilapidated.
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