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Wangen Castle, Staufer moated castle in Alsace

Wangen Castle is a moated castle from the Staufer period from the early 13th century in Wangen in Alsace, France.
The castle was laid out on an octagonal ground plan and, along with Eguisheim, Guebwiller and Kilchberg, is one of the few octagonal structures in the Swabian-Alemannic region. For 1147 a Ministeriale Hetzel von Wangen is documented. Whether there was already a castle in Wangen at that time cannot be verified. There is only secure evidence from 1216. In the period that followed, the castle quickly lost its importance. In 1444 it was occupied by the Armagnaks and destroyed in 1514 by rebelling residents. In 1566 the Wangeners (les Wangen) sold the rights to the Abbey of Saint-Etienne in Strasbourg, from which the stones of the castle were finally removed in 1750 to build their Freihof in Strasbourg. Although there are no visible remains of the castle, archaeological evidence has classified it as a monument historique. ( Unfortunately, there is not much more information about the castle.